Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

All p2pool nodes need to refresh feathercoin core software!

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    Checks have shown, that the Feathercoin P2Pool nodes are mining on a side branch of the feathercoin blockchain.

    P2Pool operators need to update their feathercoin core software to v0.16.3 immediately.

    to all P2Pool operators running a Feathercoin P2Pool node:

    • Dwnload branch 0.16 of the feathercoin core from Github to your system
    • unpack the zip file to a new directoy
    • change to the directory containing the code
    • build the code follwing the build instructions for your OS
    • stop your P2Pool node
    • stop the running Featercoind on your p2pool node
    • replace the existing feathercoind binary with the one you created
    • start fhe new feathercoind with the -reindex -rescan parameter
    • after synchonization is completed, start your P2Pool node


    • Important: even if you are already running feathercoind v.016.x you need to upgrade to v0.16.3
    • only the latest v0.16 version of feathercoind works with the current P2pool software
    • the as the full blockchain will be scanned at the first startup, it can take some hours to fully synchronize with the blockchain

    If you have problems contact us here in the forum or on our Telegram group

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